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Discover Montpellier Fabre Museum

Discover the Fabre Museum

Two complimentary tickets for the permanent exhibition of fabre museum for any stay of 2 nights minimum.

The Fabre museum itself is an astounding work of art, an innovative combination of classic and contemporary architecture. Today, the museum offers over 800 works, 900 engravings and 3,500 drawings in its 9,200 m² exhibit area. Come admire the numerous masterpieces that have contributed to its reputation.

You enter by the inner court of the former Jesuit college. It owes its origins to the Montpellier artist, François-Xavier Fabre, in 1825.

It is one of the biggest museums in France. It holds Flemish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and French collections, painters of the great European schools of the 16th to the 18th centuries (Zurbaran, Reynolds, Tenier, Veronese…) and of the French schools (Greuze, Ingres, Delacroix, Courbet, Bazille…), ceramics and sculptures, contemporary paintings…

The Fabre Museum  is a real institution and should be on top of your to-do list when visiting Montpellier. You will enjoy a visit in this museum, one of the biggest ones in Southern France.

Ever since it was built in 1825 at the suggestion of painter and collector François-Xavier Fabre, the Fabre Museum has never stopped growing and reinventing itself, welcoming artists and works from all around the world.

Paintings and drawings from classical and neo-classical period as well as graphic arts are presented by means of temporary or permanent exhibitions.  The renovation of the museum in 2003 allowed it to triple its size and to open its doors to new talents and create a special wing for contemporary painting.

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